Say Goodbye to Google


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Sep 5, 2008
SW Florida
I wouldn't be surprised that they chose April 2nd for the date and not April 1st because they feared people wouldn't take it serious and just think it was an April fool's day joke. As for Google+, I never used it so no loss for me and probably most everyone else as well.
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I kinda liked Google+ but the reason why I don't use it much is because while it sends ranking signals to my site, the issue is that you don't really get that much traffic from it unless you have a large following. Getting new users was pretty hard, as well on that network. Hopefully the next iteration of their network idea implements issues, problems, and improvements for all facets of Google+'s failure.

I don't just want it to be replaced (which is happening) for fixes, I want improvements, I want them to actually, genuinely understand the issues with Google+ rather than ignoring them and not caring. I want them to learn their mistakes.

For people's information, though: They're closing Google+ because of a combination of things, not just because a lot of people hate it. It also has to do with the security issues that it has. It was discovered that there were leaks where it would reveal user info.


It doesn't really have much to do with security. It's more PR, it's a service which really doesn't do anything for them *and* it gives an excuse for them to be dragged before Congress at a time where they really want to escape the heat and just let Facebook deal with that on it's own.

One of the problems with Google is that they're really bad at communicating with people and marketing in general.