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Currently seeking a partner in crime to assist in a new project I am working on. Job duties in the beginning (before launch) will include assisting in marketing materials, content generation, policy and procedure creation, and tweaking the business plan.I am looking for someone who genuinely wants to create and manage a new community, and is able to work just as hard as I will to manage it. The new community will be using Xenforo or IPB; currently playing with themes, colors, and features and will decide soon. The name is currently classified until I have everything locked down for the name. The niche will be a general community with a preference on Webmaster topics/news/etc.

If you have always wanted to run a community but have not had the motivation/money to do so, this might be your chance.
Payment will be $40/month after 60 day evaluation. (I come from an HR background; and I want to ensure you're not just in it for the money..)

Please message me with questions/inquiries. You must be able to put forth at least 10 hours a week to the community and not afraid to speak your mind. This forum will be yours just as much as it is mine. We will work as a team; if you're unable to work in a team atmosphere or understand what the core understandings of a "Team" is, then this will not be for you.

PM me! :)


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@Joshua Farrell
I have tagged JF. He offers these types of services. Maybe he could be of assistance to you?
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