Seeking Employment Guidelines

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Seeking Employment Guidelines
(Originally written by Quacker Jack)

Welcome to Job Center! This board is dedicated for members who are looking to be hired by webmasters. Before you post your topic to be recruited, please read the rules and guidelines of this section carefully.

For Job Center:
  • 1 Topic per User - Each member is only allowed to make one (1) topic. Edit the first post and give the topic a bump whenever you have new information or report the topic to be removed before starting a new one.
  • NEW! Responses must be relevant - Do NOT make a post irrelevant to the first post or to what the member is looking for. For example, offering a work in a website with genre the member is not interested in, or simply posting a "good luck", and so on. Such kind of posts will be considered off-topic and may be removed without notice. ALWAYS read the first post before posting a reply with your offer on someone's thread.
  • NEW! Copy/Paste Posts - Do not simply copy and paste your posts in many threads at once in a day. Such kind of posts will be considered off-topic and may be removed without notice. If you wish to post openings in multiple topics, please make sure that your responses are unique for each topic and relevant to the member's résumé.
If you were scammed:
Please either PM an Administrator, the Community Team Leader, or fill out this form. Be sure to include all applicable details and proof (screenshots are appreciated).

Remember that the Board-Wide Guidelines still apply in addition to these guidelines.
If you have any questions, contact a Community Team Member or an Administrator.
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