Seperate or Mixed? - Forum Bank Account


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When operating your own forum, do you like to open a separate bank account to keep it's finances separate, or do you manage it and pay out from your own personal account?

I know over here in the UK you can setup a Ltd Company really easy which can give you a business account, or you can even open another account in your name (or as a unregistered sole trader business) to keep things separate


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My site is not big enough to earn money and in fact, I spent money on it more than earning. I have not come around to a person who has their own bank for their site, all in all, a Paypal account ;) I have a Paypal account for the site/business and so all that earnings go into there and back to paying the site again without using my bank. You can set up PayPal and add funds easy.

So personal account here.


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I've never had a website that needed it's own bank account. None of my forums did that nor were they a success for me to profit in any way, shape, or form.