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Oh yeah. :hearteyes: This was the best forum theme ever.

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Nice site's When I seen empire, I thought you was calling me :p

Would it be far easy and cheaper to have all three into one site and have it about everything?? so that you have all members and more posts.
So, the Empire website is basically the company website and staff website with very little on it besides policies and resources for staff members/future employees. I could have absolutely done this without using a paid service, but at the end of the day the fee seemed better than maintaining a separate software. Overall it is mostly just a corporate landing page, but thanks to IPB support ticket systems, email integration, etc. it does add a lot of utility (would I sell IPB as a support backend software, no... but it works for what I need).

The Addiction site and Gaming site have two very different goals with Gaming in practical fully justifying a full site to itself as it is more content based than a forum (well is road mapped that way). Addiction is almost "simply" an off-topic forum to build ideas and concepts for future full sites and to let my whole "forum love" passion thrive without issue. It does create a weird issue where I certainly do not see them better together, but I do have issues with say adding a gaming section to my of-topic forum due to the full gaming site.

Overall the sites have a lot to develop still and once things are further along it will make sense why they are completely different websites. I actually dropped integration of the member databases just due to how different the sites are going to end up being.