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My character and ship in Destiny! :D Apologizes for the crappy quality. That's literally a photo of a screen. :p I haven't figured out how to get screencaps off my PS4 yet, even after I take them.



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Last year during Super Bowl Sunday two weeks after my Green Bay Packers sadly eliminated by the Seahawks in overtime. I was on my computer playing Smash TV on the MAME arcade emulator and it was something in arcade history that no one has ever done. Breaking 100M points in one game and how did I do it?

There was this trick I created at the end of the 2nd arena boss room where I kept the 2nd boss cornered by shooting the grenades at it as long as I can to boost my score. After I defeated the evil MC in the 3rd arena and got all the presents, the word "EXIT" doesn't show up and the doors open, because I've scored 105,898,090 points in one game of Smash TV. The screencap I took a picture of from the emulator tells the whole story below.