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can't read the words
It isn't really difficult actually.

プロが愛用するペイントツール → The favourite paint tool for professional.
無料体験版 → Free trial.

And in the chat we were just greeting each other.

And this one was hilarious timing of Waito bot:

Vealfoi: amazing Suwako-san! Today 5 (videos) have been published! lol
Me: lol. But I think I have uploaded enough for this week. lol
Waito (BOT): Waito thinks so too.
Me: lolololololololololol! (from "grass has grown")!


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Thanks @Empire, the game is RuneScape. :)

That's Runescape!? I still think of Runescape as the 1999 low-poly Java applet game that my computer and internet connection couldnt handle at the time.

That looks really good ;-;
Yes old game that's still going :) there are still allot of games that are going to an point...

So you have images to share?