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Joshua Farrell

The following ad sizes, are ordered by which comes first in my signature. Have fun browsing!

468x60 Banner Ad Rotation - Available here on Forum Promotion.
Want your 468x60 Graphical or Text ad to be added to rotation in my signature? Look no further! The following are the costs, based on Sponsorship, CPM and CPC.

Availability: Unlimited

Get 10% guaranteed amount of the pageviews for a specific amount of time. Maximum of 5 Individual Sponsors. Each individual sponsor will receive access to their stats and can submit changes to their sponsorship via the same access. Sponsorship upgrades available for purchase.
Basic Sponsorship
Info: Guaranteed 10% of all Pageviews. Access to Stats and Banner Changes. Max 5 Approved Line Items. Max of 10 Ads, per Line Item.
Cost Per 6 Months: $240 USD
Cost Per 1 Year: $480 USD

Advanced Sponsorship
Info: Guaranteed 20% of all Pageviews. Access to Stats and Banner Changes. Max 10 Approved Line Items. Max of 25 Ads, per Line Item.
Cost Per 6 Months: $600 USD
Cost Per Year: $900 USD ($300 USD Discount)

Standard CPM or CPC
Buy a Preset Amount of Pageviews or Clicks for your 468x60 graphic or text ad to be shown.
50,000 Pageviews - $5.00 USD
250,000 Pageviews - $25.00 USD
500,000 Pageviews - $50.00 USD
100 Clicks - $15.00 USD
250 Clicks - $37.50 USD
500 Clicks - $75.00 USD

Total Creatives Allowed on all Sponsorship, CPM or CPC orders:
5 Creatives Max, on Orders totaling between $25-$149 USD
10 Creatives Max,on Orders totaling between $150-$249 USD
25 Creatives Max,on Orders totaling between $250-$499 USD
50 Creatives Max,on Orders totaling $500 USD and Above
Creatives are individual ads specific to your ad request.

468x60 TEXT ADS Information and Guidelines
Now this needs to be followed to the letter for any orders that involve text ads to be included in the 468x60 Banner and Text Ads Rotation. Anything beyond the character limit will be pruned.
Header Text - 30 Characters MAX. Basically a catchy title. This will be colored blue, and will have your link you want with it.
Example: Win $25 in our posting contest (BTW, example only)
Descriptive Text - 120 Characters MAX. This will be the phrase or sentence that is catchy enough to make the user want to click on the Header Text (URL), if they haven't already clicked on it.
Example: Do you have the skills to win cash in a posting competition? Click here for more information on how you can win cash!

Text URL/Link
Description: Add a Text link into my signature for a small specific cost. The text to the URL can be anything from the name of the site advertised, or a brief tagline.
Basic Cost: $2 USD per month; $12 USD per 6 Months; $24 USD per Year.
Total Spots: 9
Available Spots: 8
Payment Method: Paypal Only

The following form is needed to be filled out for all orders to be accepted.
Order Type: (468x60 Banner Ad Rotation, Text URL/Link)

(TEXT URL/Link Orders ONLY)
Length Wanted:
For Text Link, Advertisement text:
Destination URL:

(468x60 Banner Ad Rotation ONLY)
Sponsorship, Pageviews or Clicks:
Sponsorship Length:
Pageviews or Clicks Amount:
Graphic Image Link:
Destination URL:
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Joshua Farrell

Do you have any restrictions on what type of sites you'll advertise? I have a blog I want to advertise but I do a lot of swearing on it and what not.
Sorry, I saw this right after you posted, and somehow spaced replying. No restrictions, so long as I don't see stuff that you wouldn't want a 13 year old to see.
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Joshua Farrell