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Jan 13, 2011
Site Battles Guidelines

Are you looking to enter into a friendly battle with another site? Well, you've come to the right place!

How Battles Work:

  • Go to Site Battles and choose a website that you'd like to battle. If you cannot find a site that you want to battle, start a battle of your own using the [Looking To Battle] prefix. Be sure to completely fill out the template provided when starting a new battle.​
  • If you have found a site that you want to battle, respond to the battle with a link to your site. Your request will either be approved or denied by the battle starter and it is completely at their discretion. Additionally, if you have started a battle of your own, you should expect the same. People will submit their site for battle and you may accept or deny their request.​
  • If a member has accepted your request, or you have accepted someone's request, change your thread prefix to [Poll Needed] and a Community Team Member will set up a poll for your battle. If a Community Team Member has not set up a poll within 24 hours of the acceptance of battle, feel free to tag one of them in your battle thread by using the @ sign, followed by their username. This will send them a notification to alert them to create your poll.​
  • From the time a Community Team Member sets up the poll, members will have ten (10) days to vote for the site that they like best. At the end of the 10 days, the poll will close and the site with the most votes wins the battle.​
  • The winner in a two-way battle will receive 10 FP$ and have their winning site added to the Site Battle Leaderboard.​
  • First Place in a three-way battle will receive 10 FP$ and have their winning site added to the Site Battle Leaderboard.​
  • Second Place in a three-way battle will receive 5 FP$.​
  • All prizes will be distributed by the CTM who closes the battle at the time of closure.​

General Rules:
  • Topic Inactivity - If the original poster in a battle request does not reply to an offer for three (3) days, the battle will be rejected, and the original poster will have to request again. The battle request thread will stay open for two (2) weeks to wait for a challenger before it is closed and archived.
  • Only Staff Can Battle - You must be a current staff member of the site you are entering into battle.
  • Members Can Vote - You may ask members from your site to vote for you in a battle. However, you may not create multiple accounts in order to vote for yourself. Anyone found doing so will be banned from participating in Site Battles indefinitely.
  • Multiple Battles - You can be in as many battles as you want, but you may only have 1 thread using the Looking To Battle prefix at a time. Once you find someone to battle and that thread is marked as In Progress, you may create another battle.
  • Multi-Site Battles - No more than three (3) sites are allowed to participate in a single battle.
  • Voting - Voters are not required to say who they voted for. Additionally, they are not required to give a reason as to why they voted for a particular site.
  • Accepting Battles - Battle Starters do not need to accept any site and do not need to give a reason for rejection.
  • Tie Breaking - In the event of a tie, 3 staff members will vote privately and the site with the most votes between the 3 staff members will be deemed the winner.
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As discussed in our Community Conversation, we have reduced the FP$ that we are offering as prizes in these Site Battles. You will now earn 10 FP$ for winning a battle, and 5 FP$ for being the runner up in a battle with more than two participants. Remember, members are more than welcome to bet their own personal FP$ in these battles. :)
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