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Free Social Hideout looking for a Administrator


Feb 14, 2013
Mt. Everest

I have recently decided to get back in to forums, I have a domain that i wish to use, but am going to be looking for a Administrator. I want to create a community situated around introverts and extroverts, who might have issues making friends or has difficult issues that they may want advice from, or just a social hub for them to be 100% themselves and embrace themself for who they are! I am wishing to use xenforo, as i already have a theme, but will be discussed. Here's what i am looking for in a potential Administrator and Moderator.
  • 16+ for the Administrator position.
  • Has the determination to help others before themselves.
  • Has the can do spirit, to make a small impact on others, who might need that small push to bring positive vibes in there lives.
  • Able to help financially if possible.
  • Has experience with major forum software's.
  • Has forum administration experience, with some examples.
  • Moderation experience
  • Experience with phpbb forum software
  • Can effectively resolve conflicts while remaining neutral
  • Can contribute daily on the forums
  • Can be responsible to complete certain tasks on own ability
* If you would like to me show some of the sites you have owned or have been a staff on, you are welcome too!*
Private Message me here, @lord sixer or by email, foster.zachary@gmail.com
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