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Free Social Hideout Staff Recruitment



I'd be quite interested in working with you, @ZachJ.

Here's some Information that I've copied and pasted from another Thread of mine:

Some things that you should know about me:
  • I'm a Respectful Person
  • I take my Work seriously and work to the best standard
  • I'm highly knowledgable in certain Areas(Mainly, Technology)
  • I will pursue proper Action when the time is right
  • I have had experience running my own Forums and so I have experience with Moderation and Administration
  • I was a Moderator on another Forum once
Those are just some things that you should know about me.

I also have experience in SMF(SimpleMachinesForum) and that's only what I know so far. I am willing to learn and adapt to whatever Forum-Software your Forum uses.

Please note that, I ask you not to ask for any PERSONAL-INFORMATION about me. I prefer to keep my Personal-Information to myself and if you keep on asking for any Personal-Information about me, I may reject your Offer to work for you. Though, I'll only reject it if you continously ask me for it. Asking for it once is perfectly fine, just as long as you don't continue to ask for it.