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Hello there. SocialME is an online internet forum where users can talk about almost anything! This thread is dedicated to giving you info about updates and for what's going on.

I've just launched the forum since yesterday and have had to switch hosts because of a few errors when visiting. You can visit it by clicking on the image in my signature!(Without any errors!)

SocialME also distributes news on the website's News & Announcements board.

I've made it so that guests are restricted to viewing only certain boards.

Guests can access the following boards:
  • General Discussion
  • News & Announcements
  • Notes
  • Restaurants + Restaurant Reviews
  • Famous Chefs
  • Anime/Manga
  • Photography
  • PC Games
  • Video Game Project Showcase
  • Websites
If a guest wants to access the rest of the website and the other features, account registration is required.

I've gone into further detail about what guests can do on SocialME:

I've added a Review board where you can post reviews about SocialME. Your feedback is always read by staff.
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I've added the site to Google Search Console. The site should be indexed on Google in a few days.

Note: I just refreshed the page and in the 'Who's Online' tab, I see 1 spider and it's called 'Google'. :D


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Jun 4, 2013
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Good luck :D

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The site is now officially indexed by Google! :D This is exciting and could lead the site to gaining some attraction. So instead of using the address bar, you an use the search bar instead. You’ll still have to put in at the moment. I will be editing the keywords to get the site more visible. Have fun!

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The site just got 5 new members today. I’m not sure if they’re bots as they haven’t posted yet. I will be keeping an eye out for posts by these new people.

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SocialME now has 40 users and counting. Although, they only seem to be linking to sites and repeatedly saying hi in the general discussion. They might be bots.

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  1. Cutting a lot of time out of other things.
  2. Most users are fake accounts that keep on linking to websites.
  3. Having a Nightmare with the CSS Theme code.
  4. Lack of sign-ups(Apart from the fake accounts).
Sorry for the shutdown. Maybe SocialME will come back someday. But for now, let it rest.

Yours Sincerely