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Hi, I have a decent forum called AdminBrave. It is a webmaster community. I am currently looking to boost engagement. I wonder whether anyone else wants to do the same. It is not a job offer, it is help each other interaction.

Responsibilities :

The same as you would expect from an active member of your forum. Active discussion as per your convenience. No need to moderate, rule and punish, just a good use of your time.

What do you get in return ?

FP$, we can talk about the amount

Forum Title - we can discuss this

Any help I can give you as a friend

And last but not the least, I can contribute the same way on your forum.

A couple of things to note

1. Please avoid NSFW language or content

2. I would prefer to work on tech boards

3. General / other boards are also ok as long as there is no too much foul language/ adult content

What you cannot do ?

Please do not spam the board or poach members. You are free to advertise your forum/blog/service in a decent manner.

I am currently using a pre-hosted platform for this project because this is the best way to use the current software. I plan to move to a regular set up once there is a web installer for my software. Currently, it uses CLI.

Anything else, we can discuss. Feel free to shoot a PM or meetdilip#1996 on Discord. Thanks.
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Can I too apply? I don't have forum at the moment, but I can contribute by posting on your forum and do the moderator job. I will settle with FP$. 😊