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I had won the Supersize Posting Package Auction while I was on the CT Team. I never got a chance to have it filled due to a lack of PT members. Now that I am the new Package Team Leader, I don’t feel comfortable having this. So I am going to auction it off.

In this auction you are bidding FP$ to try to win a Supersize Posting Package for your forum! The member that bids the most FP$ before the end of the auction will win. Auction starts Sunday September 4th and will end Sunday, September 19th at 10:00 AM CST.​

The Supersize Posting Package will consist of:
  • 75 Topics
  • 150 Posts
  • All of this will be completed by at least 5 Package Team or Staff members. If they are not already registered on the forum they will register, set up an avatar and make a free Intro post if there is a designated area for that and have a signature if allowed.
  • If winning member is still in a waiting period from a past posting package then that will be ignored and the package will begin asap.
  • The package could take up to 1 month + to complete and afterward the winning member must wait 2 weeks before requesting another posting package.
Please review the following rules prior to bidding.

Bidding Rules:

  • Must have at least 25 posts on FP - Only members who have 25 or more posts within the public forums of the Forum Promotion community (profile posts do not count) are permitted to bid.
  • Must have at at least 10 posts in two weeks prior to your bid. - If you don’t have the required posts within the public forums of the Forum Promotion community (profile posts do not count) in the prior two weeks your bid will be removed.
  • Must have equivalent FP$ to match your bid - Failure to have the equivalent amount of FP$ to match your bid will result in your bid being voided and a note added to your account.
  • Bids must be increments of 200 FP$ or higher - Any bids less than 200 FP$ from the previous bid shall be removed.
  • End of Auction - Those who bid after the closing time of the auction will be voided.
  • Any and all members (including staff) are allowed to participate as long as they meet the requirements.
How to bid:
Simply reply to this thread below with your bid!

Starting Bid for this auction is 5,000 FP$.


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Community Team
9 more days on this! Huge offer from the package team! Best of luck to everyone who tries for this!