Affiliate program with Affordable & Anonymous RDP / VPS | NVMe Storage | 10gbps uplink

Synergy Cloud

New Arrival
Affiliate programs are now enabled on anyone can register to become an affiliate and make a stable passive income from the traffic they divert. Affiliates will be paid a % of the sales. If you are interested in becoming one you will receive a Discount code ( if you own a platform ) plus your own unique affiliate link.

Every new Affiliate is Eligible for

> 15% initial payment ( of all sales they divert )
> 1 Day maturation time
> 25$ minimum withdrawal limit
> Dashboard to track affiliate income and withdrawals.

As the affiliate grows their % will also be increased and be eligible for better rates.

What is Synergy Cloud.

Synergy Cloud is a Virtual Private Server providing platform in which servers are provided with the fraction of the cost than other competition without
a compromise in performance.

Mail: [email protected]
Discord :