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This is a website I picked up a couple of weeks ago. It was somewhat active when I purchased it, but now as with any change, there is some mutiny. But the site is there to stay, and be there for anyone that needs someone to hear them out and give them some support.

Screenshot (120).png

The sites performance when I picked it up was kinda poor. So I tweaked some things a bit and am quite pleased with the results.
Webpage test results:
Screenshot (116).png

Lighthouse score:
Screenshot (117).png

GTMetrics score:
Screenshot (118).png

Page Speed Insites Score:
Screenshot (119).png

I've also added sections to add movies from IMDB:
Screenshot (121).png

Also TV Shows:
Screenshot (122).png

Screenshot (123).png

There were a few other additions such as a proper recipe section, a couple of more forums a moods addon and more. There will be more to come as time goes on. It's going to be a rebuilding process after the sale.

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Ohh yea. This is the website that has Autism classed as an anxiety disorder. I'd fix that. Anxiety can be seen in lots of individuals on the spectrum as a comorbidity but the two are not the same nor is Autism considered an anxiety disorder.


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Can you provide a link to it? I can't seem to find one in the first post.



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Well with any change of ownership, you have cliques that might not like the change(s) and leave. It’s all good though, site is coming along nicely and has more on topic activity than before.
Change is never easy! You may lose some people but that is okay. The people who want to stay, will :)