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  1. edenwax

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    Site Name: Techtonica
    Date Opened: Beta, Nov 1st
    Review Requested (Quick/Advanced): Community Feedback
    Notes: It's still a WIP, so theres some missing styles and there's not many posts yet. I'd like to know what the community thinks of the forum and any feedback on how to improve it would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. MrDangem

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    Hello sir good day, I'm just a lazy aspiring blogger and a forum owner. so don't mind my review too much.

    • Management - I suggest to get at least 3-5 friends or family. they will really help in starting up a new forum.
    • Categories - I suggest not to open new and more category if you don't have a good contents for it yet.
    • Site Design - I prefer light color for technology niche, I tried to screen-shot your page and invert it, you might like it.
    • Unique - I can't see it in your forum sir, try to search for other forums of the same niche and make a list and highlight their strengths. after that do something in your forum that others don't have or can't have.
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  3. edenwax

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    Fantastic! This is what I'm looking for.

    - Staffing is a WIP, we've got 3 admins now and I'm still looking for mods.
    - The Categories are necessary, I just need to populate them.
    - I am planning a light version of the theme once Ive finished the current theme.
    - Yeah it is lacking a lot of that right now, I'm still working on the framework right now but I am working on making it more original/unique. :) I've got some good content coming soon that should help a bit in the meantime. I'll definitely note that this is something we need to work on.
  4. vinaya

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    In think the color combination of blue and black is niche. However, when it comes to reading, white text on the black background will make it difficult to read. A better option is always black text in white background. But this is just my opinion.
  5. Bryn

    Bryn Paragon

    It's not really black... just a darker shade of grey.

    Anyway, the forum looks grand so far from the colour choice of its theme to the nice little touch of a different icon for each forum section you have. Hopefully this can prevail over time, when it's out from its beta stage that is :)