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The FP Story
One dark stormy night in the year 2007 a legend was born. A forum to last an eternity that would shape the future of forums to come. 5, almost 6 years later the forum was still a bustling a community of active members but something truly amazing had happened. They had reached 1,000,000 posts. A forum with so much history it is mindboggling. It bore some spectacular forums and some not so spectacular members. The legend says the forum shall never die and will live to see hundreds of millions of posts. It will face many perils on the way, obstacles it must overcome. However due to the dedication of the guardians running the forum they shall pass all these obstacles and the forum shall live in. This milestone will inspire them to try harder, to go stronger and they will, I just know it. In 5 years time they'll look back and go that crazy kid who announced one million posts was right we are still going strong. No one will stand in the way of this forum. Anyone who tries shall be cast out into the dark shadows to be remembered by the forumers as a dark spirit wishing to crush an amazing forum. There have been many great guardians through the years of the forums. Many great administrators, many great community teamers, many great packagers, many great reviewers and as far as I know there has only been one graphic moderator. However the current team should take this message and think, what do I need to do to make me be remembered as one of the great staff members? I could give you a few tips but mostly you must shape your own destiny, write yourself into the history books of this forum. Anyone who is dedicated to the forum and gives their all to the forum has a chance of been one of the greats. There are many normal members that have helped this forum through the years. Every single member has contributed to the forum just by signing up. There are many members that will never be forgotten. Never die in the minds of members in the forum. There are some that will fade in the shadows and continue their lives without this forum and be forgotten. This forum has inspired so many forums in it's genre, so much so that promotion forums are now a sensation. The forum can with honesty be called the big brother of promotion forums. Starting out as a little, not so brilliant forum on freeforums it has grown into a self-hosted amazing forum giant. The home of forums. A place where webmasters can come to be inspired. One of the main qualities of this forum is the sense of community. Everyone can be let in and have a laugh with all the other great members. The staff don't tower above all like in some other forums. Everyone is an equal and everyone is given a chance and treat with respect. Those members hat ruin this chance and ruin their chance to be respect should not whine. If they want it back they should have to earn it. Forum Promotion has faced many issues already. Some I do not want to mention in the fear of stirring bad memories among the forum. Despite all the issues the forum it still hear which is the most important thing. Now this milestone has been reached the guardians of this forum need to look to the future. Find ways to keep the legend alive. Listen to the members and update the forum to the taste of the majority. One million posts should be a time for change. This fantastic design has appealed to members and guests alike for such a long time now but maybe it's time for change. Something new and fresh in light of the milestone. No new services have been made in a long time. Maybe you, that's everyone, should go to the drawing board and think of something unique to be the next big service for FP. It is true that this forum will always be copied but I think the staff should be proud of that. It shows the forum is good enough to drive others to copying it. Even though FP wasn't the first to think of these services. They were the first to keep them alive and up to date for a length of time and have gained a title of almost owning the services. This forum has a great reputation among most and let us think ,why is that? It could be any of many things including the friendly staff team, the stunning theme, the easy use of the forum, just to name a few. This forum really is easy and simple to use which is why new members stay. It doesn't take long to learn the in's and out's. Also the forum really is an effective way of marketing. Even if people don't want to be part of the inner circle, the group that chat together. They can still market their site here and receive members. Some large forums almost owe their success to this forum as some forums that are now big got most of their first hundred members from this forum. I and many others would like to think we have left our mark on the forum and helped shape it. However only a very small amount of people have really made a major impact in a positive way. They should be thanked. This is why the valued contributors is such a great idea. It shows which members have helped this forum in the long run. This leads to a question why can't some regular members who have made a positive impact become valued contributors? Should this forum move out of the old-fashioned way of only previous staff members becoming valued contributors and move to the future were any person that has contributed to the forum significantly gets the rank? Many things should come in this year of 2013 and hopefully for the good of the forum. This forum can really call itself a forum giant now. However the guardians should never allow their egos to become as giant as the forum. They should always be the friendly, polite people they are now and never let power get to their heads. In the past speculations have been made suggesting the end of the forum was near. Dips in activity led to panic among the forum. But, it lives on. All the speculators have been wrong so far and the forum isn't close to the end yet. With over 200 members logging in each day it is as strong as ever. Many webmasters can only dream of such activity. Many people ask, how can I make my forum as big? The truth is what made this forum big is outdated. Promotion forum was a reasonably new idea and it was easy to make them active. But what keeps this forum here now unlike many other successful promotion forums at that time is the dedication of the people running it. Without that dedication the forum would be dead and gone ages ago. We could all sit and point fingers about mistakes made by the team at Forum Promotion but why? What is the point of looking back at the bad things when there is so many good things to discuss. It's amazing to just read back at the old Forum Promotion threads, look for members that are still active now. The forum has changed reviews have come from Fowler saying The design is pretty good but the forum is not active to well set out paragraphs and paragraphs of review. Services have come and gone through the years as FP tries to get just the right and right amount of services. After all this we have now got to 1,000,000 posts. Well done FP!

A poem for the occasion
Forum Promotion,
Started in a single click,
By some completely oblivious,
To the success to come,
Many years would pass,
Many members rise and fall,
Many problems faced,
But the end of the forum is never in sight,
For it's legend,
Shall live behind it's grave,
But now is not,
The time for it to close it's doors,
It's a time for celebration,
And looking to the future,
When forums itself die,
This forum can finally rest,
But it's legend will never be forgotten,
Forum Promotion,
A legend to live among the internet,
Forum Promotion

Screenshots of 1,000,000 posts

I was there! 1,000,000 Posts
Full list of Members Logged in on the day (if you login after time of thread but on the same day just request to be added on the list)
juststeven, Gray, AndroidOS, Chill Pill, Mrs Kyle, LunarScorpio, JPM, Chris Grigg, Flux, Ashley S, ZINC, Quiver, Wood, Beetle King, Zaborg, Kik, magicmuggle01, The IM Forum, faran, iPhonefreak, Snobothehobo, Jadster, StoryGobbler, Anurag M, Nicholi, J Greig, Tindris, Ztg, Smelly Socks, Eternal, dan213, pandaa, AwesomeLucky, Panda©, 22_22, Hissae2, tbofram, Harutyun, fantanoice, Major-Designs, David L, Naiwen, Josh, LiquidServe, Nuke, RemainAnon, Ghost, micro1000, Matthew2D, MoonCookieChan, master412160, Thanoz, bloom, Bluezone777, KMRock, ATiRAGEPRO, madma, Allan, Fergal, Moneyman, 2787cmt, Nathan, Patrick W., Leon., the creator, GamerPerfection, d3wlin, Mr.Shy, inspirASIAN, dependableec, Aryan, JayJACKEL!, Cloverfield, Darthmaul, sambling, Sonowske, Shole, Corza, HyDroChloRic v, agentmanningctu, JimmysNetwork, Nikola S, Nusaint, Regamie, Dean Reacher, isao21, Smokey, TaylorCTU, kmphotography, agoulinaki, sng, Faker, froggyboy604, Enzo, Inspector, Demon_skeith, death180, aswalt, flamesaglory, JLo's World Fan, Dennis, meSingh, Pvcomputers, jazz555, junkfroggy, steve_hopey, fords8, MofaKing, Grungie, Garfiun, noreturn, AJ Blacklisted, VirusZero, Tucker933, homerunsox2005, Ilya, Cody, truebluefan, Yukie, Jakesta, Tman123, Brandon Sheley, Patrick S., megan123, KiLLuMiNaTi, moose86, MrToxicCodes, kavin, CM30, stewart1champ, BenMan, kay0338, Zenith, Teapot, User500, web_dev, Geoffrey,, KaLaBoRaTiVe., Dark Takua, jammiejames2150, ThirtyTurtle, Bricksan, KezHamilton, jglover4168, Sparrow1, Hawick_1987, Quacker Jack, CodyCFS, Mii, Zforum, Daniel, DarkPoet, Zueq, Dy.namik, xoferg94, Marc, hirvi, iSuit21,, Kirk.H, SBB, Green CoW, .Xstinct, Sshadow, Insensive, bauss, TheNavigator, Lorcan, datoneer, Ace, MIEK, Fiona1964, hcfwesker, nycpro9, jade0128, bhanu, Colonel Sy, neobuxonline, NarKo, Firecracker, tsudion, MSD, Meeko79, poush, GTW1226, Tressy, mightyg, SeanFace101, Jerlene, Rick Ace, flirtsnfriends, Taz, ificallyoumine, Frolic, NaXuh, Storm1313, Mabrooq, Strike, Jerbear, BjornarNorway, dinamico, kingcool52, spatman, 211classclown, Jessica, roddy15, Reina, sobi123, Hiocoie, jordankevin7, Om Bhandari, Terry Harvey

All Forum of The Month Winners Pre 1,000,000 Posts
I hope this will bring back memories of brilliant forums advertised here at FP. Also @Community Team @Admins you can use it to update this thread.

The List:
December = 24 Forum -
November = The Rulerz Zone -
October = 24 Forum -
September = Nintendo Gamers -
August = Nintendo Gamers -
July = Fusion Chat -
June = Tundras forum -
May = Pc Tech Forums -

December = BlueHumor -
November = Gamers Hideout -
October = PixelRaider -
September = F1 Talk -
August = Aspie Mania -
July = F1 Talk-
June = Cloverfield Movie Forum -
May = Online Gaming Forum -
April = Cloverfield Movie Forum -
March = Futurama Fan Forum -
February = Cloverfield Movie Forum -
January = Futurama Fan Forum -

December = Forum Ads =
November = Promotion Source =
October = Aboxcafe =
August = Movie Discussions =
July = Debate Place=
June = SciFi Zone =
May = Futurama FF -
April = SSB Brawl Domain -
March = Gamerz Galore -
February = FuturamaFF -
January = Minus Celsius -

January: Music-Junkies =
February: Admin Community =
March: EzPromotion =
April: Futurama Fan Forum =
May: The Hazey =
June: FootballFuror =
July: Talktionary =
August: ZoneBox = http://zone(x)
September: ZoneBox = http://zone(x) (Added the brackets as FP has the link blocked)
October: The Hazey =
November: Kingdom Key =
December: Music Junkies =

January: Lifeless =
February: GamingFor.Me =
March: Teen Forumz =
April: Admin BB =
May: Cmt Sports Forum =
June:Admin Forums =
July: Just GFX =
August: GamerBB =
September: Cmt Sports Forum =
October: Admin Forums =
November: Admin's Hut =
December: Admin Forums =

January: = Admin Peak =
February: = Visual FX =
March: = Admin Peak =
April: = Admin Forums =
May: = Teen Town =
June: = Promotion Box = (after a double tiebreaker)
July: = Admin Forums =
August: = Pluvia Village =
September: = Forum Hour =
October: = Mario Forums =
November: = Pluvia Village =
December: = Walking Dead Talk =

All Site of the Month Winners Pre 1,000,000 Posts

The List:

April: = Geeks Hut =
May: = Level Unlocked =
June: = Familial Ramblings =
July: = Web Hosting Circle =
August: = Statuz =
September: = Creaspire Designs =
October: = Geeks Hut =
November: = Yarrd =
December: = Creaspire Designs =

Forum Battle Winners Pre 1,000,000 Posts
Sorry that I couldn't add links. I hit the maximum of 150 urls.
The Leaderboard:
18 Wins​
Inspiration Forum

14 Wins​
Cmt Sports Forum

12 Wins​

11 Wins​
Fiction Lovers
General Talk

10 Wins​
Interviewed You

8 Wins​
Admin Forums
Level Unlocked

6 Wins​
Forum Hour
Open Carnage
Xbox Live Fan

5 Wins​
Forum Assist

4 Wins​
Anathema Writes
Geeks Hut
Life's Circle
Pluvia Village
WWE Forums

3 Wins​
Computer Talk Forum
The Moral Liberal
Promotion Box

2 Wins​
All Tech Talk
Beemo Gaming
Blog Promotion
Camping Forum
Creaspire Design
Familial Ramblings
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Forum
Gaming Section
GThree Forums
The Infinity Program
Liquid Serve
Ludos Gaming
Naruto RPG
Rat Hosting
Script Hostings
Xbox Live

1 Win​
Chat Addicts
Chatting time
Cincy Forums
The CoD Zone
Creamy Dziners
Daily Chatter
Discussion HQ
East House
Forum Shack
Futurama Fan Forum
Geek Super
H5 Network
IncrediBAD Resources
Infinity Webspace
MADMA Forums
The Pokémon World
Psychology of Writing
Purely Review
Rune Gear
Simplix Host
Snapback Forum
Social Hut
Social Smash
The Sonic Community
Spiritual Inspiration
Sports World
SQ Drawings
Tech News Central
Teen Forumz
Top Community
Webmaster Dojo
Webmaster’s Rule
Wrestling Fusion Forums
Young Web Builder
Zingor™ Forums Beta

FP Award Winners Pre 1,000,000 Posts
Sorry I couldn't do 2009 or 2010 because they were full of broken images.

Participation wasn't as high as we had hoped, but here are the rewards! In the case of a tie, all winners were listed. :)

Money Bags
This person simply loves to have lots of FP Cash. If this person were to lie out all his/her FP Cash in a straight line, it would circle the Earth multiple times. It's almost a crime that we allow people to hoard this much FP Cash!

The winner is...

The Philanthropist
This person is very generous and loves to loan his/her FP Cash to struggling forum owners so that they may buy posts and various other services.

This award was a five-way tie between Caedus, Flux, Ashimashi, Gamrpro, and MrBreezy!

The Orator
This person has a passion for debating. Every time one looks in the Debate Corner, this person's name is littered all over the place! Members quiver when this person enters a debate topic knowing that their arguments are about to be destroyed.

The winner is...

The Educator
This person has all the answers. Whenever someone asks a question, this person is right there to share his/her knowledge with everyone. This person's contributions are most appreciated, and many people have had their lives made much easier thanks to them.

The winner is...

Exchange Master
This person is all over Exchange Central. He/she is trusted by all, and people jump on their offers to exchange posts knowing that they will never be let down.

The winner is...

The Keyboard Breaker
This person posts so much that the keyboard industry erected a factory next to his/her house to keep up with the demand. Every time you look at the "Who is Online" list, this person's name is there! Without him/her, FP would be a much more boring place.

The winners are...
Darthmaul and Hiocoie!

The Saint
This person is an absolute angel who would never say anything to harm anyone! This person is always diplomatic and goes to great lengths to keep peace between their fellow members.

The winner is...

The Inventor
This person is valued by all for his/her creativity and genius. He/she is always willing to share his talent with fellow members, often spending valuable time doing or making things for others.

The winner is...

The Comedian
This person keeps his/her fellow members in stitches with witty and brilliant remarks that could make even the most serious person laugh him/herself into a coma.

The winner is...

The Silent One
Although this person is quiet and mysterious, everyone always knows that he/she is there.

The winner is...
The Hat Tipper!

The Promotion Guru
This person has an astounding ability to advertise his/her forum, and he/she also likes to help others do the same. His/her advice is deeply regarded and valued by fellow members.

The winners are...
ZINC and ShadyX!

The Innovator
This person is always coming up with great suggestions and ideas for Forum Promotion. His/her ideas are appreciated by the entire community.

The winner is...
Rick Ace!

The Greeter
This person is always the first one there when a new member arrives to wish them well. This person's username decorates the "New to FP?" forum.

The winner is...

The Dedicated One
This award is reserved for the person whose dedication has stood the test of time. He/she has stuck with Forum Promotion longer than anyone could imagine despite facing many trying times.

The winner is...

Here are the results from the FP Awards of 2012! :D

Ray of Sunshine
The winner is...

The winner is...

The winner is...

The winner is...

Quick Wit
The winner is...

The winner is...

The winner is...

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!! :)

Staff Through The Years
I've tried to make a complete list but I will be missing some people so please alert me if you see a missing one.

Packagers: Some of the oldest ones may have only had packages as part of their job Sshadow, Hissae2, Smelly Socks, Giorgios, pandaa, LiquidServe, juststeven, Ben, Quacker Jack, AndroidOS, agentmanningctu, Austin01, GAK, Zuinag, Flux, Shole, Gamrpro, Haze, Malovent, sam, f119, JadedSouls, DSi, Driver, Victim, Matthew™, Van1lla, Remy, Ryan, ZabraTon, Callum93, TheExoticFish, Pixma, Killman, 1ruleyou, Carson, ℓєσ gнσѕт, Elimanater71, LinkinParkFan71 , Subz, JohnTheSEOGuy, Twisted Fairytale, Fantanoice, Trav, PcGuy, Kevin X Dragon, Antartic, Zenrer, SeanFace101, GAF, Rick Ace, Briggers810, Jay, The Reverend, Zaborg, Logan18, dan213, Zawazuki, Daniel, Jake, StripesAndFins, Dan The Man, 2787cmt, Dy.namik, xCuCu, Volux, Logan, Tim R

Graphics Moderator: Kik, CreativeBot, David L

Reviewers: Some of the oldest ones may have only done reviews as part of their job
2787cmt, Patrick W., KaLaBoRaTiVe., Jadster, Tindris, Haze, juststeven, Victim, Watch Me Sink, Ryan, hcfwesker, Raymond, Twisted Fairytale, Cocoa, Joe, Loopy Legend, Dy.namik, Snobothehobo, Cody, Lone Wolf, Ben, Carson, Hissae2, Dasher, ZINC, sapper, phio_chan, Dean Reacher, JimmysNetwork, Bricksan

Community Team: I'm going to miss loads of these, sorry
LunarScorpio, AndroidOS, Eternal, Pandaa, Kino, Nathan, ZINC, Fiona1964, Mr.Skellington, Quacker Jacker, Snobothehobo, Lorcan, Misstake, spyka, A Nonny Moose, 2787cmt, Bricksan

Fowler, Cloverfield, Snobothehobo, Fergal, thedudeman, Mike, Ste, Murder he Wrote

Valued Contributors:
Ste, Carson, Damien, spyka, Van1lla ™, Creativebot, Mike, Kino, hcfwesker, Kik, Nathan, thedudeman, A Nonny Moose, agentmanningctu, Mr. Money, Jmcbride01, David L, Miss Take, Quacker Jack, Fiona1964, Mr Skellington, Tindris, 2787cmt

Contests through the Years
Win a vBulletin 5 Connect License! Won By Inspector
Win a FREE Xenforo License! Won by phio_chan
FP Writing Contest! Wasn't completed/won.
Christmas Mystery
Official Halloween Event
FP Posting Competition
Halloween Competition

Well thanks for reading everyone! The best thanks you could give me is a + rep. Thanks to [user]AndroidOS[/user] for getting me the source code for forum battles leaderboard(even though I couldn't use it due to max links in the end) and for getting me the FP Awards 2011,2012 results source code.

Happy 1000000 Posts!


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Tbo, every FP members make FO what it is today; including you!
Good thread mate, this is very informative!