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May 11, 2010
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Welcome to the new Graphics Exchange. Here is where you can request custom graphics for your forum, profile or in fact anything else. Anyone can complete requests, there is no official team responsible for completing your request.

A few things you should know...

  • Nobody "has to" fill your request
  • FP is not responsible for the exchanges, and will only get involved in certain circumstances. For this reason, we recommend that users requesting a graphic asks for a watermarked or "preview" image before paying for a graphic (especially if real money is involved). This helps ensure that the graphic has been completed and to a suitable standard before payment is made. This also helps to ensure that the user making the images gets paid and then person paying for the image gets what they requested.
  • There is no cost for using this forum. No FP Cash will be deducted from your account for making requests. However, FP Cash and / or Reputation are always a nice gift to those who willingly complete your request.
  • Please consider leaving credit to the designer if using the Graphic off-site
  • Everyone has their own style. Because of the nature of Graphics sometimes it's easy for some people to criticise others. For that reason we ask that if you don't have anything constructive to post, don't post at all.
  • Once your request is completed, or if you no longer require it, please mark your OP as complete or closed, so it can be moved.
  • External services are not permitted.
  • If there is no reply to your topic in a 3 week time period by the OP, at moderator's discretion, it may be moved to the Complete/Closed request subforum. Feel free to request again though!
That's all, hope you enjoy the forum :)
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