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The Marketing Team is Hiring!


Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is Hiring!
Join the newest (& coolest) team here on FP, #TeamCoral

Forum Promotion's Marketing Team is hiring a new #TeamCoral member! Want to contribute to the growth of ForumPromotion? Then the role may be for you!

The Marketing Team is responsible for all areas of Forum Promotion's growth in 2021 and beyond, expanding to new frontiers and attracting the latest webmasters, bloggers, community owners and YouTuber's across the web! The Marketing Team handles areas including Social Media, SEO & Organic Traffic/Search, Engagement & Outreach (externally) and Retention Improvement.

We are currently seeking a Marketing Content Curator who will:
  • Assist with the curation of content and infographics (using free online tools) for Forum Promotion's Social Media channels
  • Leading on and composing the monthly FP User Newsletter including core news/announcements, the latest forum posts, and evergreen blog content (note, you will be writing the newsletter not this content)
  • Being an advocate for FP on any existing communities you are on
  • Leading on editing, approving and managing payouts FP$ for Blog Contributions
  • Assist with other Marketing Duties as/when required
Previous experience of Marketing for this particular position is not essential. Full training and support will be provided both during your onboarding to the MT, but also consistently during your time with us - We aim to challenge members and offer full support for personal development.

You will be working alongside myself and the amazing @Martee who will be supporting you in the role of MTM.

Applicants must meet the following Requirements:
  • You must be registered on Forum Promotion for at least one month.
  • You must have at least 50 high-quality posts around the community.
  • You must not have received any official warnings in the past 6 months.
  • You must be able to dedicate between 1-5hrs per week on Marketing Team activities: Note, much of the work can be scheduled in advance so this does not have to be spread across everyday.
  • You must have a fun and outgoing disposition! Representing the FP brand both within the community, and externally, it's important to be fun!

To apply, please PM me, @Cumulus, the following application form:

Timezone/General Location:
Any Marketing/Social Media Experience:
Why do you want to be part of #TeamCoral?
What ideas/vision do you have for the Forum Promotion Monthly Newsletter
Tell us an interesting, fun, fact about you![/b]

If you have any questions or would generally just like a chat about the role, please drop me a private message! To those applying, the best of luck!