The Promotion Forum List [v2.0]

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Jan 13, 2011
The Promotion Forum List [v2.0]

This is the official Forum Promotion list of promotion forums. By our standards, a promotion forum is any forum that offers some kind of area (whether it is an entire category, a board, or a sub-board) for advertising forums, blogs, and/or websites.

The Promotion Forum List [v2.0] was created in an effort to better focus on the list itself. A lot of thought went into creating this thread. I personally went through every thread in the Promotion Directory sections searching for sites that offered an advertising section for other sites.

With that being said, if you would like your forum added to this list, please reply to this topic. We will have your forum added to the list as soon as possible.

Note: To get your forum added to this list it must have at least 50 members. If your forum does not meet this requirement, your forum will not be added to the list.

The Promotion Forum List:

If you would like to post this list on your forum, feel free to copy and paste the content below. We would prefer it if you linked back to Forum Promotion, but this is not required.

[LEFT][SIZE=14px][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]
[*][URL='']Anime Manga Forum[/URL]
[*][URL='']Business Advice Forum[/URL]
[*][URL='']Forum Promotion[/URL]
[*][URL='']SEO Motionz Forum[/URL]
[*][URL='']SWC Network[/URL]
[*][URL='']The Admin Zone[/URL]
[*][URL='']The Club House[/URL]
[*][URL='']Bayside Gamers[/URL]
[*][URL='']The Star Garden[/URL]
[*][URL='']Cracking Forums[/URL]
[*][URL='']CM Models[/URL]
[*][URL='']Forced Heroes[/URL]
[*][URL='']Fun Biz Forum[/URL]
[*][URL='']Website Forums[/URL]
[*][URL='']Promotion Paradise[/URL]
[*][URL='']Web Hosting Support Forum[/URL]
[*][URL='']Forum Exchange[/URL]
[*][URL='']TopNed's Advertisements[/URL]
[*][URL='']Politics Forum[/URL]
[*][URL='']Offtopic Hub[/URL]
[*][url='']Blogger Hub[/url]
[*][url='']Directory List[/url]
[*][URL='']Creative Animations[/URL]
[*][URL='']South Island[/URL]
[*][URL=""]Webmaster College[/url]
[*][URL='']Admin Loop[/URL]
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