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Back in 2018, @Ash was making a project called PixelTown which I was essentially going to be a co-owner for, I had made a bunch of graphics and everything for it and the project was shut down before it started sadly. Not blaming Ash my any means :) however, I had just stumbled across those graphics and I'm interested in starting this up.

Using the same core concept, everyone essentially starts out as a town member. In order to join they fill out an application explaining who they are, and why they're moving to the town. From there we assign them a role (most likely it's what they want unless it's over saturated) It is based off of the medieval ages, people can train their various skills such as magic, melee, and range, and sometimes events happen such as dragon attacks, etc. which can have lasting affects on the town if it's not handled properly.

This isn't going to just be a forum, it will have a mixed of everything in it. Forums, documents, live chat, and other stuff of that nature through Guilded.

I'm wondering if people would be interested in this sort of thing, and if it is something I should persue. I have the graphics made for it already.



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Right, so if this is correct then it is a Web browser-related game and the community will be on Guilded where the action behold. @Ash for co-owner :p
I asked Ash to become a Co-Owner but they are busy so I ended up finding another co-owner :) But they were the first choice!