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Unique Social Gaming Platform Hiring


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Hey everyone.

My free time the last few months has just been gone entirely.
I'm still looking for a dedicated staff team to help run this site (Paid) while I am away.


Package Team Member
Package Team
I have experience handling the anime community social media accounts. Unfortunately I can't do Instagram due to technical limitation. But If you want someone for facebook, twitter then I'd be happy to join you for social media content creator position.


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Updated the Original post!
Still looking for staff :)

Really looking for editors for our blog and gaming reviews (not mutually exclusive). Staff are paid for their work and time :)
If you want someone for twitter and facebook social media, let me know I'd love to work on social media position.
What experience do you have in the field?


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Hey everyone,
Just updating this thread to inform people that we are especially looking for writers.

Take a look at the OP for other positions available.