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Upcoming Webmaster Forum - Looking for Staff


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Jul 25, 2012
A little about me:
I own rmmv.co which is a website with almost 40k members. Currently at 37,848 total members, and gaining around 100 a day. I've been developing and making forums for around 10 years now (Started in 2009) and throughout that time I've learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes, and genuinely know a decent bit about what I'm doing.

What I'm looking for:
I'm looking into getting an old forum of mine back up, and running. And in doing so I'm looking for other members of either decent sized communities, or communities that have been up. I'm going to create a webmaster community geared to teaching, and helping others improve their new communities. This will be more of a college type setting (Not necessarily for college students, it's the basis of the theme, and domain) so I'm looking for people who know a decent bit about things such as getting a forum started, SEO, marketing, promotion, etc.

What you'll get out of it:
We have an advertisement area at the bottom of the forum in which people can use their forum currency to get their site advertised there. In being a staff you will get that posted there completely free of charge. As well as I'd be willing to help work on your forum from time to time to ensure it's improving along with my forum. What better way of promoting help on my forum, by personally helping yours out. This won't be a daily thing, but I will ensure it has new content and engaging posts from time to time. And get back links on early content of a site I'm planning on investing a decent amount a month into to help get it ranked higher.

How to apply:
Either DM saying you'd like to be apart of the staff, as well as give me some links to a few websites/forums you own. Or just post on this post and I'll use whatever forum you have in your signature as a reference.