Use Twitter to Build a Forum with 16K+ Members


Nov 20, 2011
Alright, so here's the scoop. I'm sure there's been other ways of people finding out about one of my forums and joining from other ways. Twitter was not the only reason of growing this forum to 16,000+(16K+) members, but it contributed to at least 90% of the forum growth.

Now, of course a forum has a general topic or interest in mind, unless you're a off-topic community about everything and anything. In that case, you might have even better luck finding people to join your community. However, in my case I was narrowed down to finding people who were interested in YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and gaming in general.

Its pretty easy to spot people online who are into gaming, YouTube, Twitch and Mixer because they usually have links to there channels in there Twitter profiles.

So how I would do it, is I'd follow people like that. In most cases, they'd follow back. I'd then reach out to them in a direct message (DM) and chat with them about whether or not they'd be interested in a community forum that allowed them to promote there channels, content, discuss related topics, find others to collaborate, etc.. Stuff that would definitely interest them. Because most of these people are small channels, looking for that extra help to boost there channels and viewership. So of course a forum like mine that allowed them to promote there stuff would be ideal.

Let me just point out that this wasn't done over night. The forum I'm referring to was created February 13th, 2013. Its not December 10th, 2017. So there's some time that it took to accumulate 16K+ members.

Of course I could probably have grown it quicker if I had been more active on Twitter. There's been times where I would become lazy, or too busy with life that I'd let things go for a while.

With Twitter I'm able to reach out to 23.1K followers that I've gained over the years. Many months reaching three times as many impressions with my tweets. Its all about how you use the platform, the strategies you use, and what works for you.
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