Nov 26, 2016
Hello ? to who ever reads this!

I have had this domain for a few years now and wanted to make something out of it because it is a really decent domain. I also have a few years hosting paid for plus Xenforo or IPB licences (the IPB licence comes with tones of add-on’s over 490 dollars worth of stuff, the Xenforo doesn’t come with anything because I never learnt how to use it).

I don’t know much about vaping but it’s easly requested and easly researched on
so that would be a yes I am egar to speak with knowledgable vapers ?

I also don’t have any pc at the moment the last one blew up on me it was old and had its time it was a classic over ten years old ?. Now that brings me to a stand still point I can’t do much using the phone so I need assistance on this one for the mean time until I get a laptop or something.

PM me if interested I could do with a few online pals