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Virtual e-gift Prepaid Visas - Have you used one?


So recently I've been getting virtual credit cards from vanillagift.com

It comes in handy when I want to spend money online and don't have the ability to get out and buy a physical prepaid visa. I think it's neat because you just put in your email and pay for it with a different card - Probably a bank card, and then they email you the card information and you can use it anywhere online. I didn't even know they did this but I just recently found out vanilla visas are available via email now so it interest me.

Has anyone given them a try? Have you at least heard about it?


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I myself used to have a prepaid card that I got from the local post office. It lasted five years and you can top up anytime you want :) By bank or walk into the store and top-up my cash :)

It was perfect for me back then as I did not have a bank account and was also perfect for just using it to buy online items. But after a while, I stopped since there was always a fee each time you use it and was far more simple once the Bank account was set up that I then linked to Paypal.

https://auspost.com.au/money-insurance/prepaid-cards That's what I used, It's been over seven or more years ago now, so it has changed.