VOTE: FP$ Charity (August 2018)

What will be our featured charity of August 2018?

  • Charity: Water -

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • St. Jude's Research Hospital -

    Votes: 10 23.8%
  • Doctors Without Borders -

    Votes: 7 16.7%
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity -

    Votes: 5 11.9%
  • Cancer Research UK -

    Votes: 7 16.7%
  • Help for Heroes -

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • The Air Ambulance Service -

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Friends of York County Animal Shelter -

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • SickKids Foundation -

    Votes: 6 14.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


May 11, 2010
Nashville, TN
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As discussed in this topic, we will now be allowing members of our community to convert their FP$ into real cash donations towards their favorite charities. Each month our community will go through a nominations process, a voting process, and then there will be a set length of time in which users can donate their FP$ towards the particular cause that won the vote.

In order to make things snappy, I've opted to take the suggestions from our Community Matters topic and make them the options in this poll. Vote on what charity you'd like to have the opportunity to contribute to this month.

This poll will run for exactly seven days, and then we will begin accepting donations for the charity that receives the most votes. At the moment, there is obviously a ton of options in this poll, and that's just kind of how we decided to do it this month. In the future, we will look into narrowing the number of nominations, so that it isn't this crazy. Members will only be allowed to nominate one charity, and we will not feature the same charity more than once in the same calendar year.

Nominated Charities:
  1. Charity: Water -
  2. St. Jude's Research Hospital -
  3. Doctors Without Borders -
  4. Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity -
  5. Cancer Research UK -
  6. Help for Heroes -
  7. The Air Ambulance Service -
  8. Friends of York County Animal Shelter -
  9. SickKids Foundation -



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Voted for my local animal shelter! I have also shared it with my friends that live local to vote too. :)