Webmaster.College - $300 Webmaster Giveaway, Free SEO Packages, & Promotion


Jul 25, 2012

What Webmaster.College Offers:
We're giving away over $300 in webmaster content for our starting giveaway. The prizes includes a forum software license to one of the major forum services (Xenforo, IPB, VB), SEO Packages, domains, and more!

We also have forum currency called WC (Webmaster Cash) which you can redeem for some unique and amazing stuff such as SEO Packages, Domains, Advertisements, Website Reviews, Posting Packages, and more!

Our SEO Package from Forum Currency is a unique SEO package in where we take your domain, and a description and we create your link on Web 2.0 websites, and post 3 backlinks on Verified Do-Follow Blogs (PA20+) for increased SEO. These are all proven ways to get your domain boosted on googles ranks, and these are all places I've personally posted for my website to get it ranked google in several searches!

About Webmaster.College
Webmaster.College is geared towards helping other webmasters get their sites active, up, and profiting. I own a website with over 39,000 members
with this I created WC. Since 2009 I've been creating forums, websites, blogs, etc. and I feel that I've learned a lot throughout my time. I've learned what services offer the best results, ways to get your website number 1 on google, and a lot more. My large website is ranked 1 on google for about 5 different high end searches, and it's on the first page of google for about 20 others. My goal with WC is to help offer some unique content, packages, and other forms of beneficial material geared at getting your individual website up and running, or rated higher than the others! WC is a FREE forum based community with zero catches.