What brand of computers do you like?


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I use an HP probably cause the memory was a little better than the cheapest brand. Now before, I used eMachines, a company not in business now (but the computers were good enough). For the first one, the only reason I bought it was the price.

Anyway, as I get more income, I was thinking of getting a gaming computer - and maybe an Apple one - the reason being cause I want to computer 3D art and lately I watched that movie about Steve Jobs.
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My daughter bought a used Apple when she was in college and still uses it! All that has been needed is a new charger for it and no other problems.

I have an ASUS and I love how cool it stays unlike my old Dell that heated up within 5 minutes. The only problem with my ASUS is that it drops the WiFi too often so I'm always hooked up to ethernet.


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Jan 20, 2019
MacBook Pro, but the 2015 model. Personally, not a fan of the 2016 model and the touchbar. I'm hoping that when I eventually have to upgrade, the current model will be an improvement over 2016.

I built my desktop, so I suppose I like ASUS, Corsair, and EVGA. :)
I'd rather customize my computer, but they're costly.

But if I had to choose, it's Alienware. Not only do they try innovating, they try to make different designs for cases, laptops... pre-built computers. And they manage to try to make them look cool.
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Mar 21, 2016
Arizona, United States
What I run now;

Desktop: Lenovo ThinkServer T140
Laptop: ASUS 14" Laptop (has no specific model name)
Server: Compaq Desktop (running basically stock internals minus having 3 additional hard drives inside now)

So far have had solid luck with ASUS and Lenovo. Had issues with Gateway/Acer in the past, but nothing to not really recommend them.
I build my own desktop, Rather have a desktop for gaming then laptops. But I always look at Asus and Gigabyte based beards. HP was good but they are not big as they used to be and their Laptops come with too many software than hardware specs. Alienware is dell and they always cost so much, dell ware is expensive and so I wasn't into Alienware as such.

But since I do I.T I just look at hardware parts and build Desktops together then buying a prebuilt. At least you can have whatever you want in a case. And in your price range.
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