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What music streaming site do you use?


Up-and-Coming Sensation
I use Spotify. I've used them since 2016 and have found their ones to be the better one. I've tried others like Apple Music and Soundcloud (although I still use this for some unique song remixes) but Spotify has remained the best for me. Also, I pretty much have all my playlists and songs saved on it.


Package Team Member
Package Team
Spotify is great! We're not subscribed to it though. Apple music is my go to music service. I do sometimes use Pandora their algorithm is spot on!


Madly Diligent
Spotify for me. They have a great student discount and it's always easy to manage your music with them.


Merry Christmas
Gamma Premium
Spotify for me, I like the share playlist option and the app don't use much data.
I have the family plan there it's awesome.