What niches fit a dark theme?

Joshua Farrell

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Nov 9, 2009
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Anything could potentially go well with either the light or dark design. If it is designed well enough to not have issues with navigation and displaying important items on it, you could even have most business sites run on dark themes.
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I think my forum would do better with a dark theme because of the niche'.

I think some would do okay with a light and a dark theme, like a general forum. That way, you could please the member base regardless of which one they prefer.


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Considering how much "Dark Mode" is becoming popular I don't think you could go wrong with it being default so long as you have a light theme alternative. The Dark themes no matter the forum for me are much easier on my eyes and much less "in my face".
Well, two major drum lesson websites are dark. I don't really see the big turn-off for my project.

But I do think the design of my forum needs to be more suggestive that it's about "instruction" and not just drums in general.