What to Expect as a Website Administrator & Creator


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Jun 25, 2009
A lot of future webmasters know they want a website, but don’t understand all of the various responsibilities and steps that must be taken to start a successful blog, forum, community, or other type of site. Today we’ll be looking at all of the main technical stages of starting and maintaining a website, as well as marketing, community related, and other duties webmasters must take care of.

Starting Your Website

Before you can become an international sensation, there are a few things you must do to get your website online. Although we will not be diving too deep into these topics, here is a rundown of the general starting phase for almost any website.

Register a website domain (.com, .org, or .net preferred, but any TLD or subdomain will work!)Find website hosting (shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated server for hosting your website files)Install a content management system (ex: WordPress), online software (ex: XenForo forum software), or opt for a static website (HTML/CSS...

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