"What's Going on" Guidelines


May 11, 2010
Nashville, TN
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"What's Going on" Guidelines

The "What's Going on" section on Forum Promotion is your one stop place to show off and brag to Forum Promotion's member base about your community's milestones, updates, contests, and other announcements. However, we also feel that this forum must be governed by a very relaxed set of guidelines so that we can present you, and the rest of our member base with a level playing ground to promote in this section.

Examples of what is allowed:
  • Post Milestones: 500 posts, 1,000 posts, 2,000 posts, 3,333 posts, etc
  • Topic Milestones: 100 topics, 5,000 topics, 3,333 topics, etc
  • Member Milestones: 50 members, 200 members, etc
  • Events: Contests (non-recurring), events, new owners, new theme, grand opening, etc
For post, topic, and member milestones, you may post a topic for any milestone that you feel is significant. It's most common for these to be multiples of 1,000 (such as 1,000, 2,000, etc.) but all other numbers are allowed as well. Note that we can, at our discretion, ask you to stick to more specific milestones. For example, if you post a topic celebrating your 4,582th post one day, then exactly one week later, celebrate your 5,238th post, we may ask you to keep milestones to more even numbers.

Post Limit:

You may only post one thread in this section per website, per week(7 days).

Remember that the Board-Wide Guidelines still apply in addition to these guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact an Community Team Member or a Administrator.​