When Posting an Issue - Tips & Advice

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Technical Administrator

Seeing a lot of threads reporting issues but don’t explain the issue. I formatted a guide below I learned off one of my courses and I think it will help admins and staff fix it.

Thread Title: (Be as descriptive as possible while keeping it short as possible)

  1. Explain the problem. Try to keep it brief
  2. Observed:explain what is observed what you are seeing. (Always Provide Images)
  3. Desired:explain what you expect or desire.
  4. Steps to reproduce:What did you do to get to this problem.
  5. Good Information:The version of the browser that you are using; and if you're using anything such as plugins please note them down.
  6. Steps tried:(try least 3 things before posting)
  7. Suggestions on fix:
Not open for further replies.