When trying a new show or movie, how long do you give it?


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I've never really paid attention to it. Usually if I can make it through the summary and/or trailer I stick with whatever I decide.


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If it was a film, you tend to watch it all :) unless it's really crap and watches half of the film. Series, you watch one or two epsidoes.

I agree with this one and probably side with it too.


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TV shows I give 5 minutes probably. Movies I might give a little longer but if within a half hour it's still dull, I'll fast forward if I'm watching on Netflix to see if it gets interesting later and usually it never does.

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I'm not too adventurous when it comes to watching either movies or shows as I don't really watch all that much. Maybe 3 or 4 shows a year and 2 movies a month at most. So generally I pick stuff that looks like I would really enjoy it and often get to see the end review of a series instead of just the first impression (looking at you GoT). This tends to lead me to always complete the movies and I quite often finish at least a season of the show as I more or less don't come back to the show instead of stop watching it (if that makes sense)