Where to send my website script for the review


Apr 18, 2016
I have designed a web project. Basically, it is a PHP website directory.

I want people to review it, so I can add some more features. I do not want it as it to be a web directory, as the age of web directory has gone and it has no value right now.
So I am trying to modify with some feature and with just a few changes I can make it a little more useful. The script would be a directory but it will become a multi-purpose script and people can make it as they want to...

I designed it when I was looking for blood donors online and I found a directory for the same. So I have decided to make my style and imagination for the same with multi uses.

Can you guys suggest to me, where I can send the script for review?
I am not selling this one, it will be free. The next version may be for sale. This is why I am looking for exposure.