Which software is the best for banner designing ?


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May 16, 2015
I am a graphics designer. i am selling graphics designing services since 2012. In this time I have designed thousands banners and logos. Mostly I like to design animated or static banners. I always design my banners by using Adobe Photoshop CS8 and ImageReady. These two software are my favorite. I really love to work by using these software. However, I believe that there are lots of graphics designer who don't use or like Photoshop (may be). So, let us know about your favorite software for designing banners.

david jones

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Sep 3, 2016
I just use Photoshop for modifying images. If u want to design banners and logos, maybe u shud use Illustrator or Corel.
Agree with David.

It's Creative Cloud after CS6. ;)

I design professionally, and everything I do is using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop (in that order of how much I use them). In Design is used for all layout and typographic works, Illustrator for logos and graphics and Photoshop for touching up and editing photographs. It's also possible to create small animations if you need to for web banners and the like using these programs.

I wouldn't use Photoshop as my main program though. That's not just a preference, it's good practice if you're serious about design. I get people coming to me with logos that some DIY designer designed for them in Photoshop. 9 times out of 10, I have to redraw said logo because there is no scalable vector file and never was. It's so frustrating. Scalable vectors are needed for large scale printed graphics. If a client wants to put the logo on their van, or on a pop-up banner, the Photoshop logo isn't going to work.

My advice is to make sure that all logos are done as scalable vectors. Saving them as an .eps so that clients don't have to have them redrawn and wasting more money paying another designer to do that for them in the future. ;)