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Who streams Here!


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what's your twitch link lol and what were you streaming back then. would you consider starting up again

I was Streaming Minecraft and also other games. And yes when I would have enough time I would start Streaming again. Also here is the Link

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I stream in Discord to a group of friends for the memes!


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I stream on Twitch, but not as often as I use to or as I’d like. I am a variety streamer who streams various games, art, crafts, and chatting sessions.


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I stream! I originally started streaming a few years ago as a small hobby, but stopped due to moving, starting university, etc - basically too many conflicts and the drive to do so wasn't there anymore. However, I recently started streaming again as a means of improving confidence as well as meeting new people and have been having a blast. I stream a variety of stuff, usually whatever I feel like playing at the time, but I take requests from my friends and chat, most frequently and recently being Destiny 2 shenanigans, Pokemon Randomised Nuzlockes and JRPGs, such as Ni No Kuni 2. I plan on introducing a bunch more games as time goes on.

I'm having a ton of fun and I'm currently on that push for affiliate, I'm just needing a handful more followers. We're getting there, slowly but surely. :cat:

Lokyr -- My Twitch :)