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Suggestion Why do you Site Battle?

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Familiar Face
Site battles on Forum Promotion look fun. But I have a serious question for serious admins and webmasters: why do you Site Battle?

Do you really care about the ego boost, the FP points, or the Leaderboard? Do these Site Battles actually benefit your long term strategy and growth? Those are all fun reasons, don't get me wrong, but are they useful reasons that will help you develop your community in a meaningful manner?

What if I told you that I conduct site battles multiple times a week? Really! But my site battles are:
- Against websites, forums, communities, and social media groups that directly overlap with my niche
- A deep and contemplative analysis into what makes those pages popular, unique, and special to see what's working on other communities
- A survey of the technology platform to see what modern users expect
- An investigation into their core strategy and a reflection to see if that's a strategy that I can mimic or do better / faster / cheaper

Those are my site battles. Those should be your site battles too, and you should be doing them all the time.


The Lämminator
I moved this thread from Site Battles to Community Matters. The Site Battles forum is for the battles themselves so this forum is a better fit if you want conversation.
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Familiar Face
As a thought - and I'm just freeform tossing out suggestions here - why don't you adjust the Site Battles to make it a little more meaningful:

1. The poster finds 2-3 sites in his niche that he would like conduct site battles against. These can be across the range of Facebook Groups, Discord, Reddit, independent communities, Tapatalk, etc.

2. Theres a template that we can create for site battles based on content / design / UIX etc. For example, the template for content could ask:

Who does it better?
- Major sections of the site and their purpose
- Activity in those sections
- Clear purpose of site
- Excellence in content programming based on amount of content, authority of content, and comprehensiveness of content

3. Rest of us rate the OP's site against his competitors

Wouldn't this be a better form of feedback and learning?


Madly Diligent
The site battles are meant to be an engaging activity here on FP to encourage the community to be active (just throwing in my 2 cents in here).

The site battles also can be a way to get people to view your community. By doing so, you could be getting more traffic or it would at least appear that you're getting more traffic on your site.
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