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Jan 31, 2018
free.png Site Name: Forumine
URL: www.forumine.com
Forum, Blog
Site Info:

Many spend decent time checking out their Alexa website's ranking, Make use of their specialized tool for the discovery of their traffic sources, Pay social networks to run ads, or some "SEO experts".

A survey by Netcraft showed that the total number of websites launched in 2012 were 51 million which is equivalent to 140,000 per day.

Bearing in mind that each of these website have a growth intent, The competition to rank better that the other sets in, Some were obviously late to the party, and the old lead to buy your way in was buying ads, using keyword-rich metadata, or even buying fake traffic .

A team of internet enthusiasts came together and decided to eliminate the possiblities of having to pay for likes, followers, views, and website activity especially for startups and designed forumine.

Forumine is the first de-centralized forum that focus on free ads services, social trades among its community, startup discussion, Q&A and polls, while ensuring a diverse but targeted community that are technically informed as well.

Forumine solves the problems of filtered content encountered in the dynamic social network environment today by creating a free-to-air publicity for all.

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