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Why work at Forum Promotion?


Abhirup Manna said:
Not that the post is not good..but I slack off on jobs at times when they don't interest me. Which is why I do not apply in the first place

Unfortunately, I tend to be the same way. Loved the post all the same though!


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Great post. I used to be part of the PT a while back under Sshadow and I have to say it was amazing. I would have stayed but due to college work I had to step down and ultimately take a break from forums for a while. I'm back now though and may apply once I have time, as I am currently working on a project. :)


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And I may apply again once I get my tablet repaired.

That way I have the required hardware, The 3DS is possible but to hard.


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Updated with a link to the CT application announcement, and a nice bump. :)


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terryh said:
pandaa said:
If you haven’t applied yet, what is holding you back?
I'm too lazy. :/
^ That... well not completely, I am busy with my own forum plus I already did the whole staff thing here a couple years ago. It was fun while it lasted. :D


i've been registered here for a few months now
at first i only came here to do some stuff

but later on i posted here and there

and then yesterday, WOOP
everything changed :3

cute topic you created panda​


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Supporting what dear friend pandaa said above, I guess I'll also share my experience working here.

I chose to work for Forum Promotion because I wanted to test myself, to be honest. That was what I had in mind when I first applied as a Review Team Member, around a year ago. And I was accepted. I tested myself, gained experience from writing reviews, knew more people, made new friends, and learned something new about online forums regularly. I had to step down due to other commitments, but now I returned as part of Community Team because I missed such days. And I wanted to give back to the community which had been helpful to me in many ways before. I didn't regret it until now.

I'd like to encourage members to try applying and join our team because you gained a lot. Everyone can build a website and be the leader of their own team, but this is where I learned teamwork, time management, and even fun times together. All those are helpful for me, when I become a part of a staff team somewhere else, on my own forum (which no longer exist fyi), or even in real life. Join us for the experience and fun, it's all in balance and definitely not something you will regret.

I'm looking forward to see you guys around! :D


I applied to the Package Team not to long ago :) We'll see if I get lucky like you did Pandaa

Quacker Jack

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Figured I should make one of these.

Hi, my name is Quacker Jack for those of you who don't know me. I've been a member of Forum Promotion ever since I discovered it in September 2009. I've actually have held almost every position here. I first joined the staff team as a Package Team Member is June 2010. Like many, I was young and I didn't think I would get the job. But, low and behold, I did. I instantly became very active with the team. At some point though several months after getting hired, I was having issues keeping up with my schedule and I resigned. However, once I was able to gain control of my schedule again, I was rehired for the Package Team. Throughout the year in 2011, I became one of the most active Package Team Members we had at the time. Eventually, I was asked by Sshadow to become his Package Team Leader Assistant. I was shocked and honored. I continued to work for Sshadow for I believe 6 months under the new position PTLA, and I loved every minute of it. Then one day, I was joking around with a Matthew, and he told me they were needing a new CTM, and, after he spoke to the CTL, I was hired to become a Community Team Member. However, the position was short lasted. I was having numerous difficulties in my life, and suffered through a painful ear infection that killed my online time, and I ended up leaving the Community Team. That was roughly April 2011 when this happened. It pained me. I would still check up on Forum Promotion, post occasionally. I was eventually made into a Valued Contributor due to my contributions. But, in early 2013, this wasn't enough. I was one day catching up with 2787cmt on Skype, and after we talked about the past, he basically offered me a position on the RTM. I decided to take him up on it, and I was excited to be back on the FP staff team. I had missed it. I dedicated a lot of time to it, and eventually worked with 2787cmt to revise the Reviewing system to what we currently see today. After 3 months of being a RTM, I got one of the most shocking Skype messages I have ever gotten. It was from Nerdie. He asked me to become the Community Team Leader. I was simply stunned. When I first joined in 2009, I never imagined that I would attain the title of some of the greatest FP staff members around - Kino, LunarScorpio, Eternal to name a few. I instantly accepted, and I have never looked back. I love Forum Promotion, and it has been a big part of me for the past 3-4 years.

For those of you who ever want to apply? You should. All of the teams are a lot of fun. I think some of you may notice my signature says I am a Quad Color Club Member. No, there isn't any club out there. But it means that I have seen almost it all at Forum Promotion. One of the great things about Forum Promotion is anyone can become a prominent member here. The staff here are exceptional, and the administrators are some of the best you will find on the entire internet. I highly encourage everyone to apply, regardless if one thinks they are worthy of that staff position, whether it be the PT, RT, or even my beloved CT.

Thanks for giving a good place to share my story, Pandaa. ;)


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zapmaster14 said:
Well I've applied for every team now and got accepted by none ... Oh well I know where Im not wanted :laughing:
Don't give up! You've just got to focus on being an active and helpful member, especially when you're kind of new, as you are. You'll get noticed eventually. :)

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Mine won't be as glamorous as everyone else's, mostly because I don't remember details, but here we go...

I joined Forum Promotion back in the middle of 2008. At that time, FP was still running the good ole' acidtech blue theme. Fowler was the admin at the time, and some of the big names consisted of Ste, MurderHeWrote, Carson, Kino, Vanilla, etc. It was so long ago that I can't remember all of their staff positions, but I do know that Ste was admin with Fowler, MurderHeWrote served as the Community team Leader, Carson was one of the greatest Package Team Leaders out there, Kino was a pretty sweet Community Team Member, and I have no idea what Vanilla did. I know, I'm a horrible person. :D

Anyway, I joined up and was instantly inspired by the forum. I looked around a bit, posted here and there, and eventually learned to make my own forums through some material I found here. I founded sites such as "Skyer's Packages," "Review Central," and eventually teamed up with Kino to found "Music Junkies." I do recall that as soon as I discovered FP, I became a recluse, staying in my room, on my bed with my laptop on the nightstand. I would learn to code, register at other's sites, and pretty much waste my 13yr old life away. :)

Then, one day, CarMadMike put up an advertisement to join the Review Team. I'm not really sure what made him choose me to join the team, maybe I was the only one, but after a few days of waiting in tension, he told me that my application was accepted, and my name turned red. I was the happiest 14 year old you ever knew. I jumped on my reviews, completing a few here and a few there of decent quality... I was 14 for pete's sake!

I forget what came up, but after a good while, I decided to transfer to the Package Team. It was an odd feeling when my name went from red to orange, but I embraced it for awhile. Now, I'm not saying that I was a model staff member, oh no. You can ask any of the other veterans of FP and they may have things to say about me if they still remember. :D But what matters is that I realize why I wasn't a good staff member. After serving on the Package Team for a good while, I was chosen to be apart of the new Forum Promotion Blog Team. I submitted somewhere between 4-7 articles before I honestly lost interest in the subject...

After leaving the staff, I decided that I needed a little break from the webmaster deal and took a long time off from Forum Promotion. I returned about a month ago to a beautifully managed forum, and just about the same community that I left behind. Of course, the other FP Vets are in and out as Valued Contributors, but the majority of the board stayed the same. After awhile, I decided that it was time for me to put back in for staff. I don't know what made me so fired up about wanting to help out at FP again, but I was pumped. I ended up applying for the Community Team, Package Team, and Review Team. For the first two, I was not chosen, but I believe that is because CMT was staring me down and waiting for me to apply for the Review Team. :p

I was chosen to serve on the review team about three days ago, and it was just as exciting as being chosen five years ago. If I could say anything to someone interested in working at Forum Promotion: the staff community is great and it is an experience well worth the time. We don't get paid gloriously, and in FP$ at that! Do it for the community, do it for the experience, and do it for the lulz. :heart:

Twisty... OUT!
Cant remember if I've posted here before but guys I've worked in both the PT and CT in my time, and believe me it is a good experience and there is a friendly atmosphere in the staff forums :)


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Bumping this up - all four teams are accepting applications right now! Working with any team on Forum Promotion is an amazing experience, and I encourage all of you to apply. :)

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Matthew said:
Forum Promotion is an excellent service forum with some of the best people you'll ever meet. This is amplified by the amazing people who fill the staff team. One of the most professional and accepting bunch on the internet, the Forum Promotion staff team is welcoming and supportive to you as an individual. Not only that, you are given valuable training you can use across the internet as well as skills useful in a real life setting.

Forum Promotion is great because it doesn't matter what role you fulfill on the site, your contribution is just as important as those of people on other teams. If you want to work on any website, Forum Promotion is the one you should consider as you WILL NOT be disappointed. You become apart of a family at Forum Promotion that lasts even past the time you serve on a team.

Can I get mine added to the OP? Also, can those not apart of the staff team be removed from the OP?


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I added it for you. I'm leaving the people that aren't apart of the staff team anymore, though. I don't really see any reason why they should be removed.

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Eternal said:
I added it for you. I'm leaving the people that aren't apart of the staff team anymore, though. I don't really see any reason why they should be removed.
All good, was just curious :)