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Why work at Forum Promotion?


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If you haven’t applied yet, what is holding you back? If you want to talk about any concerns, I’m always around to talk. I’d love to work alongside all of you guys, it’s an experience I’m sure you would enjoy too. :)

I wont because
  • I dont know how.
  • I'd never be accepted.

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Luiz187 said:
If you haven’t applied yet, what is holding you back? If you want to talk about any concerns, I’m always around to talk. I’d love to work alongside all of you guys, it’s an experience I’m sure you would enjoy too. :)

I wont because
  • I dont know how.
  • I'd never be accepted.

You'd be surprised how many people have been brought onto the staff in the past (and currently) who had no idea how to do the job they applied for. Even if you don't know how to do the job, still apply and try. Sometimes, the best packager/reviewer/CT is someone who has never done it before.

I'd never be accepted.

You don't know that for sure. ;) If you want to, and you meet the requirements (or in the future), give it a shot and apply! It doesn't hurt.


I have always wanted to be part of any team but I guess my old activities is holding me back from getting taken into a team :/.

I just have to prove that I am not the sort of rulebreaker like I was before :)


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All the teams are hiring right now, get your applications in!


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How do i apply?


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Luiz187 said:
How do i apply?

Read each team's recruitment thread. There you will see the requirements and what to send to the team leader. If you have questions, you can ask the team leader.

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Ravenisawesome said:
I have applied for the package team myself. :) Good luck to those who have applied to be staff here.

milksheikh said:
I applied for all :)

David Smith said:
I have applied for 2 of them. How about you?

Best of luck to you all who have applied! Like I stated earlier, FP is a great place to work for!


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Here goes nothing!

I first came across FP in the middle of feb. Not long after, I had noticed an announcement - the package team were hiring, so I decided to give it a shot, and sent in my application to pandaa. This was around late feb/march time. I kept being active and posted around the forum. Around late april - I had received an unexpected PM - and my name turned a lovely orange! I never thought I would actually get the job - this was a shock to me. I had never had any experience in this position, so it was quite daunting at first. I got help from my fellow team members, Bazinga! The Governor (who is no longer a PTM) and of course, my team leader, pandaa (he was available for advice when I needed it, on issues/queries about a package, and I'm grateful for his guidance). I eventually got the hang of it, making some mistakes along the way (it's to be expected, right?) but I learnt from them and moved on. I had (and still have :p) the wonderful experience and task of posting on a variety of forums with different genres and did/do my best to fulfill the requester's wishes by providing high quality posts for their forums/blogs, to provide a boost of activity and steer their projects in the right direction, and to kick-start newly established communities. To this day, I enjoy my package team member role, helping out the team and the members. I have met some amazing staff members along the way, you're all awesome! Both Bazinga! and Mr. Panos are both very effective and great packagers, it's an honor and a pleasure working with them both. :heart:


Before you read this, I'd like to apologize for the length of this post :p

It's a fantastic experience to be a part of such a wonderful group of staff. I don't mean to bump this old topic, but people should really look into submitting their applications. We still have some open positions, and it would be great to have you as a part of the team.

I remember in the past, a thread was placed saying that all of the teams were hiring. I wanted to start off as a CTM at that time, but the applications were closed at that time, and I wasn't quite as active to be applying for that position anyway. I was contacted stating so, and was recommended to join the Package Team and Review Team, and I was told I could move up from there.

To be honest, I didn't really want to join the Package Team at first, just because I thought that it would be a difficult responsibility to take on. I then saw the backlog of requests piling up, and it hit me - being on the Package Team helps others achieve their goals, and make their sites a success. Every post counts, even if it's short, it will still add to the activity of the forum, and increase the likelihood of a guest hitting that Register button.

I then applied to the Package Team when Mr. Panos was the Package Team Leader, and I woke up the next morning to see my username Orange! I was very excited, and I helped out as much as I could, and my efforts continue to grow as we speak. Working with Panos was great, and he was always there to help. His promotion to the Administrative team was well-deserved, and I hope to join him there some day. I was also able to work with Lorcan as well, which was a great experience as well, although I didn't converse with him much as he was on vacation at the time. Both are amazing people, in fact, everyone here is great to work with. Being on the package team wasn't as hard as I thought, especially having the tasks split up among the Package Team Members!

I then thought it was time to move on, and continue my exploration of all of the staff positions here at FP. I saw that the Community Team was once again receiving applications, and I was given tips by two amazing staff members who shall remain nameless for now. I sent in the longest application I felt I've ever written in my life, and I was later promoted! Mikaya is a great Community Team Leader, and Saru is great to work with as well. I really hope I can advance on to a Team Leader someday, and keep exploring the endless possibilities here as a staff member at Forum Promotion.

Again, it's a pleasure to work here, and I love helping out FP and making it a better place. I highly recommend getting your applications in as soon as you see the topics open up, even if you don't think you'd be fit for the position. I honestly never thought I'd be hired on, but look where I am now. It's an honor to help out FP as much as I can, and I love every part about it. :great:

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Why work at Forum Promotion? It is simple, and I can answer with a few reasons.

1. Once you get to know your fellow staff members, you learn much from them, and that they are a fun bunch to be around.
2. This is a great community to be part of a staff team.
3. Pay is great in the Service Teams! Who wouldn't want a little extra FP to help with getting stuff here?

I would give you a long explanation on why one should be part of any of the teams here, but all in all, really it is about whether or not you think you can give up the effort and time for the team you want to participate in being on.

The Community Team - This team deals with moderation of the forum as a whole. They make sure that there are no spam on the forum, and also makes sure that people are following the Forum Guidelines, even if people want to selectively follow certain rules, instead of all of them.

The Editorial Team
The Editorial Team is primarily responsible for three different duties:
1. Submitting articles to, maintaining, and running the Forum Promotion Blog.
2. Editing articles submitted to the blog by members of the community for grammar, spelling and aesthetic improvement.
3. And contributing various forms of media to Forum Promotion's overall content.

The Package Team
The people in this group complete posting packages requested by the users of this community, and in the process of doing so, earns a certain amount of FP cash per post completed, determined by the Package Team Leader, as well as being part of a hard working, determined team.

The Review Team
A group of members in charge of the Review Service. Reviewers are responsible for handling requests by users who need critical opinions for their websites. Forum Promotion's Review Team offers three types of review: Full Review, Quick Review, and Questionnaire. This Team also earns FP in the process of completing requests that are directed towards them.

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Mr.Panos said:
Can I add my own experience in the first post too? :)
Feel free to send it an admin and we'll be glad to add it.