Why work at Forum Promotion?


Having spent my first day here on the FP staffing team, I want to say to all future applicants, place in an application as there's no better forum to work on than here.

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Great Post. If I ever get the chance to work at FP. I will always remember "Power comes great responsibility" :)


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I think we were working at the same time in the PT :laughing: .
Well the benefits are huge, you learn a lot while working as a staff here, things that you can make you a better staff member own your own forum.
I also started as a PT and worked for that team 2 times as a normal member and one time(recently) as a PT Assistant Leader, which was pretty fun to be honest.
You should apply if you want to be part of the staff, after all what harm can be done?
It's ether you join the team or try again another time :)


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I Like Our Forum !
Forum Promotion is an excellent service forum with some of the best people you'll ever meet. This is amplified by the amazing people who fill the staff team.
I hope that we can build better community here.


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Why work at FP? Because this meme told you to.


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Why work at Forum Promotion? I think a better question is why wouldn't you want to work at Forum Promotion? Well, here's my story:

I first applied to be a staff member around Christmas time of 2014. I first applied to the Editorial Team as a reviewer (the Editorial Team is now called the Review Team). To describe myself at that time: I was a n00b, and a fairly large one at that. I was turned down on my first application; so I instead applied to the Package Team. I was again rejected (actually a currently banned member was hired over me :lol: ). I stayed active on FP even after I was turned down by the PT. Then, by some weird random chance; I was talking to the then-ETL, Cosmic/Matt about his forum (Feedback Exchange) and he helped me improve my reviewing skills to the point where I was actually helping the site I was reviewing, instead of wasting the admin's time reading my review. Then, on January 24, I got an exciting Skype message. I was about to become an FP staff member!

When I was first added, I was greeted by some awesome PMs and Skype messages from some awesome people who congratulated me on my new position. However, at this time, my reviews still weren't that great. After some time had passed (and a few more crappy reviews were written), this awesome person named Phio taught me how to actually review forums. I was finally able to write OK reviews! After some time went on, and our 3.1 upgrade started ramping up, we had a leadership shake-up. Cosmic/Matt became an admin, Phio became ETL, and I was ETLA! As ETLA, I was in charge of the blog. To be completely honest, I lost motivation to actually write articles pretty quick. But, fairly quickly, Phio was promoted to administrator, and I was ETL! ETL was definitely my favorite staff position I've held yet. The mixture of writing reviews, managing a huge team, and other awesome high-end stuff was a ton of fun. I was ETL for a little while; until one day, Matt and I were talking on Skype, and we decided the Blog no longer was a prominent part of FP. As such, the blog was removed and I became RTL.

RTL was the toughest job I've held on FP so far. Basically, my team at that point was a world wind. New members were leaving faster than I could get new ones in. After a few weeks, I was promoted to Administrator! I honestly never thought I'd get to hold the same rank as FP legends like Fowler, LunarScorpio, Eternal, Hissae2; just to name a few. Admin is a very fun job, and I hope to hold it for a very long time.

My advice to anyone looking for a staff position here is try, and try hard. I was given a staff position a month after I joined FP. And I was also denied multiple times before finally getting hired. The FP staff is most certainly worth the work it takes to get on it. I've met some awesome people on staff like Phio, Matt, Cameron, pandaa, Gray, Hissae2, and Kino; just to name a few. The PT is hiring right now, and I highly suggest you go and apply today. You never know when you'll get accepted! :D


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FreezyPenguin said:
cause it would maybe be fun
It is fun and it's an awesome feeling knowing you're working for such a great site. I love the fact knowing I am helping other peoples sites with what I do on Forum Promotion! :D


awesome feed backs

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Awesome forum, awesome staff and an awesome community :)

Glad to be part of the Staff Team!


Once the team has a refresh and is actually a business, I would be interested in working for FP.

The FP team is an amazing team to be apart of whichever team you are on! You get to spend time with awesome people helping an awesome forum. In the words of Belthazar- Who wouldnt want to be staff here? :p