Why you’re not getting those hyped-up backlinks

Mr Forum

New Arrival
Dec 16, 2018
Once upon a time I asked myself a question. Is it still possible to visit a site without pop-ups, not continually wanting my email, or trying to sell me something? From my end, is it possible to set up a forum site for free? To find the answers I set off on my project discovery into the murky world of, ''Build your own site for free.'' Here’s what I found and I quickly changed from a forum into an article based blog.

Backlinks. Everyone wants them, but as a first post let’s briefly dip a toe into the murky world of popularity.

Let’s give the bad news first.

Forum Promotion

First, forums are declining in popularity and that’s partly because they’re a niche subject platform.

Second, Google is not going to swoon over single sentence remarks content. As a result of Google’s 'Hummingbird' updates (and other animal related ones), Google is looking for high quality content. What information and knowledge do you have in your particular forum topic choice that will set the world on fire and prompt others in your niche to recognise you as a leading expert and link to you? The rhetorical answer is probably none and that’s why they’re not linking to you.

Third, as much as everyone loves your knitting patterns, they’re not going to go viral no matter how many backlinks you have.

If its forum promotion you want you are proverbially flogging a dead horse. You can have as many links to pre-World War one cigarette lighter collector’s forums and cat appreciation societies as you like, but you know and Google knows that’s leading nowhere.

Forum Recognition

There’s a business saying that goes along the lines of, ‘business is 90% marketing and 10% selling. A reciprocal link to your own forum by writing an article on free authoritative sites such academia.edu, google+ and Issuu are worth fifty backlinks each compared to links from other unknown struggling forums. Google very definitely does take notice of links from sites like these. Join other sites related to your forum content with a link back to your own site. You haven’t got any long-form articles on your forum, but you expect search engines to send you viral with comments such as, ''Yeah, I think World of Warcraft is good too.''

Will My Forum Go Viral?

The answer is, no! Forums are fine, depending on what you want them to do. As a hobby, a learning pastime, or a niche subject they’re ideal. For instance, you might even want to write about your employment skills and construct a visual resume portfolio and attach a link to your resume, which others might want to get involved with and get the knowledge required to do themselves. Perhaps you think others might be interested in your passion for Yoga? Or maybe you’ve travelled a lot? Food is always popular … That’s fine, but you are not going to get thousands of visitors a day unless you’re already famous, or have a million dollar marketing budget. You are not going to become the next Facebook, no matter how much effort you put into it. Treat a forum for what it is, a pastime.