Seasoned Veteran
Jun 25, 2009
Let’s face it, websites are sprouting up faster than spring flowers and being a webmaster is more difficult than ever. We all wish we could return to the days of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, when a nerdy enthusiast child could end up creating a popular forum community or well-visited website. From GeoCities to self-hosting on an old Dell computer with dial up, pages could be pushed out to the world from anywhere – and with little competition. And yet today we face an even larger issue other than just competing with similar sites. The attention the average person gives to social media apps and pages is overwhelmingly more than they give to even established news networks or interesting sites. From YouTube and media sharing communities to social networks like Facebook or even LinkedIn, there are a lot of online destinations distracting would-be visitors (to our sites) that we must consider. This is what we must aim to benefit from. Hopefully this is all old news to you, but...
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