Selling WORLDS FIRST Gaming Convention with a built in MMO


Jul 25, 2012
I've owned a gaming convention for a year now, and this time around I'm not feeling up for hosting it. I recently spent several hundred dollars getting a fully working MMO built for the convention to make it the first ever eConvention, on top of that I have a lot of branding, and everything with it.

The site is called and it will come with the MMO, website, all media and files for it.

Logo New White OL.png

This and more, the entire website, database, domain, MMO, discord, etc. will come with it. If you're interested let me know, I dropped over a grand into it from advertisements, SEO, to MMO development and I'm just asking for $500. If I get multiple offers I'll turn this into an auction and send pictures of each offer for proof that it's being auctioned.

The site is $30 for a vendor, and $5 to enter the MMO. This can be changed to how you see fit but my first year of doing it I made $500 on it, and that before the MMO was developed. Now that it's here it can be projected to make a lot more if you promote it.


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