Would you rather go to a movie theater or watch it at home?


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I absolutely love the whole cinema experience. I try to mimic the same atmosphere at home with M&M's and popcorn and make the room as dark as possible but in my opinion there's nothing like going to an actual movie theater. A lot of theaters now also offer actual food. I love movies in general and when time permits it's one of my favorite pastimes and I prefer going to the movies and being catered to. haha!


I go to the theater very rarely. Usually I go when there is the perfect storm of a big movie out at the theater and I am very bored and want to go do something.

With that said, almost every time I go to a theater I am reminded of why I never go. I hate the noises or people sitting near me. I do try to go at non-busy times, but there are always other people there that annoy me. Ultimately I prefer to watch movies at home.


I love to watch it in a theatre with friends. But some movies are an absolute joke these days. They are not worth spending time and money on them.

For some movies, I will use Prime or Netflix or Disney.


Movie theater personally, it's a lot nicer to watch it on the big screen with the massive surround sound booming. We have surround sound in our house with bass but nothing compares to in on the big screen.


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Going out with friends will be more fun than going out alone and if it happens that I have to go alone I rather stay at home and watch... Can't go out alone to the movie theatre because it will be so boring. Going out to movie theatre will only be the best for me if I'm going with a group of friends.