Would you rather listen to music from the 70’s or music from today?


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Yeah, 70s hype people

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The 70s were much more my era than today, obviously, so I'd be more inclined to listen to it. Of course, that's sort of true of any bygone era: with hindsight, you can pick and choose the best stuff and ignore what's embarrassing.

As well, there is some great music that's being made today, but you have to be willing to hunt for it.


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Most of the time the type of music I listen to depend on my mood, there are sometimes I will need music of the olden days like Dolly Parton and Don Williams and many more of them and there are sometimes I will need some music of these days but only some selected modern music that I am always interested on, but generally 75% of my music list consist of the olden music and are reggae and pop.