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Would you rather work an overtime shift with your annoying boss...


Hasta La Vista, Baby
Would you rather work an overtime shift with your annoying boss or spend full day with your mother-in-law?
Both has happened. This isn't hypothetical at all given my experience. I think everyone spends too much time around their boss and after Hurricane Michael I got stuck living in the same house with my then mother in law for 2 weeks and she was hateful as hell.

Carlos X

I did have this, and its frustrating.

My boss was a Karen. No joke. This is in 2017, before the pandemic, and all this woke bullshit. I was just working as usual, and all she'd be doing is just checking on me. Over, over, and over. One day, we got into an argument, and all she did was give me a choking gesture. Like... she wanted to kill me or somethin'. I talked about it with my co-workers who already love working with me every day. Every Monday is truck day, they respect my hustle. I am the best person to have next to you if you need help.

One told me to report it to management. And I did. I don't know if the Karen was fired or she quit or resigned... but I was surprised. Shocked, even.

It was discrimination. Just because I'm latino.

But ill take overtime. My best times were in overtime, go figure. One day, I was working with my boss (not a Karen, a guy), and I was unloading boxes from a truck... and he wanted me to do MORE overtime. I said "nah, I'm good." Because I was exhausted beyond belief. I almost fainted. I was angling for management position at the time. I almost got it until someone I loved... fuck it up.

Yeah. Fun. Fun. Fun.
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